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Mobile Payment Power is a mobile commerce consulting service designed for you by 2 The Next Level, Inc.

Today, more than ever, it’s easier to give your clients and customers payment options that put money in your pocket quickly and without hassle. Our mission is to keep you up-to-date with many of the new and exciting technologies that fuel the mobile payment market.  Here you can come and learn more about how various small and medium sized businesses use mobile commerce to their advantage when it comes to productivity, convenience and most of all, sales.  We’ll have in depth articles, reports, ebooks and videos that will help you understand clearly and concisely how mobile commerce can help your business. Last but not least, you will learn from provided webinars, workshops and seminars focused on helping you build and execute a mobile commerce strategy for the success of your business in yet untapped realms.

The time for leaving money on the table is over. Go mobile and get moving into the new financial frontier.


Meet JB

Jeffrey Alexander Brathwaite, aka “JB”, is an Internet technology strategist who trains business owners on how to use web 2.0 tools to increase their customer base and boost their productivity and profit potential. He is the CEO of 2 The Next Level, a technology solutions firm that provides small and medium-sized business clients with technical and Internet marketing support and training.

Prior to establishing 2 The Next Level, Mr. Brathwaite spent 18 years working in the areas of computer hardware, software and internet technology sales, e-commerce, and website design for companies including AT&T, Lucent Technologies, MCI, Georgia Pacific Corporation, Toshiba America Information Systems, Hotoffice, Sand Hill Systems and Interland.

You can reach JB by phone, email or Skype



Skype: jbrath1968


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