Intended Audience:
Entrepreneurial folks thinking ahead to the holidays who want to bring in more money for their needs and wants:
*Current business owners
*Kinda-sorta business owners
*Anyone with a business idea and a dream who thinks they can’t make it happen because they can’t get/afford a merchant account.

If you aren’t prepared to accept credit and debit cards during this holiday season, you might as well kiss the opportunity to make more money from your business goodbye.

The money is in mobile—being able to offer your customers/clients options to pay with the simple swipe of their cards from your mobile card reader. No traditional merchant account or equipment required. Are you ready?

*More than 1/3 US residents use mobile payments.

*Global mobile payment transaction values will surpass $171.5B in 2012, a 61.9% increase from $105.9B in 2011.

*Worldwide mobile payments will reach $1T in 2015, up from $240B in 2012.

Black Friday will be here next week. Will you be at the ready to offer customers and clients a mobile payment solution that works for them and quickly puts money in your pocket?

Whether you are just starting your business from scratch and want to test the market with your new idea OR your business has been around for some years and you’d like to know more about customer rewards programs to keep your customers with you, you need to be online for this comprehensive webinar.

Happy Holidays? They can be… Register now.

If you are having challenges coming up with your own Mobile Payment Strategy, let us help you get paid and get paid faster using your mobile device.

Click the link below to register for the Webinar.

Thursday, November 15th from 7:30pm to 8:30pm.



We will also leave at least 10 minutes for Q and A.


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