Jack Dorsey Talks About Twitter & Square On 60 Minutes (Video)

This was a fascinating interview on one of them most innovative minds in technology not named Jobs or Gates or even Zuckerberg. Jack Dorsey has helped to create a new way of how we communication with each other and the world with Twitter. He then created a new way to have small businesses accept credit cards via their mobile device.

Jack and his company Square are the reason I started this blogsite. I wanted to keep people informed on the industry that Jack took by storm. The disruption of the credit card payment and processing industry has been an amazingly daunting task for those who are used to the traditional way of accepting credit cards through a merchant account.  So its rather fitting that Jack tells his story to 60 Minutes, a news program that prides itself on going after the stories that disrupt major industries, governments and in some cases the worlds view on a subject matter.

I still remember the day I received my first Square card reader. I was thrilled to no end. My first sale with square was to sell my technical skills to someone who wanted to learn how to use Square to sell their first novel they had written.  It was so easy to do. I helped him sell more books at a book fair then he had ever imagined because he was able to accept credit cards using his Square card reader.

Jack gave us both a new lease on life when it comes to  mobile commerce. Jack simplified the credit card merchant account to the degree of just downloading an app, plugging in your Square card read into the earphone jack of your smart phone or tablet device, and swiping a credit card. That’s it.

Jack has build two very successful companies when most of us would have been satisfied with building just one.  And he is only 36 years old. Take a look at the 60 minutes piece and let me know what you think.

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