PayAnywhere Is Offering $1,000 In Free Processing For PepBoys & OfficeMax Customers

Tire and auto service retailer Pep Boys – Manny, Moe & Jack is rolling out the PayAnywhere L.L.C. credit card reader for mobile devices in its retail stores nationwide as well as online.

With the PayAnywhere reader, the company said Pep Boys’ customers can securely process credit and debit transactions from their mobile devices—anytime, anywhere. By selling the mobile credit card reader in its stores and online, PayAnywhere said Pep Boys “is providing independent contractors and repair shops with an important and powerful payments tool shown to boost revenue and increase customer satisfaction.”

Business owners and professional contractors are already accustomed to hitting up OfficeMax for supplies, PayAnywhere adds one more reason to visit the office supply superstore. PayAnywhere readers are now available at OfficeMax stores across the nation, as well as online at

Beginning this month, the PayAnywhere reader can be purchased at a local Pep Boys and OfficeMax store or online. Once the credit card reader is activated and starts processing transactions, PayAnywhere includes a $10 rebate as reimbursement for the MSRP of $9.99, the company said. As a special offer for purchasers of PayAnywhere at Pep Boys and OfficeMax stores or online, PayAnywhere is offering $1,000 in free processing within the first 30 days of account activation.

PayAnywhere customers enjoy the lowest transaction fees in the mobile payment industry – 2.69 percent per swiped transaction – and the pay-as-you-go pricing requires no setup or cancellation fees, no monthly fees and no minimum processing amount.

Don’t miss a single sale during this busy holiday shopping season. Pick up a PayAnywhere reader and get started accepting credit and debit cards right from your smartphone today.

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