Square Tweets “10 Billion And Counting”

The Square house that Jack built had a major milestone today.  10 billion in annual payments using the Square Register service.  It’s amazing how this small company started a fire storm in the credit card payment processing business.  Twitter Co-founder Jack Dorsey has to be congratulated for taking the risk to start such a company in the midst of one of the worst financial periods of our times. Not only has he succeeded in the disruption of a trillion dollar industry but he has blown the doors off of all the expectations of the financial world. Who would have thought in just a little over 2 years Square would be in such a lucrative position when one of its ultimate haters, Verifone is on a decline. Check out “Verifone Fights The Square Hangover” by Dana Blankenhorn for more on that story. So Congrats again to Square for this momentous accomplishment. Now if you can only use some of that money to hire a few phone support personnel you guys would be unstoppable..;-)

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