SwitchPay Says Small Businesses Should Embrace Mobile

Are you considering investing in a mobile platform for your business? If so, you’re not alone. More and more businesses are adding mobile platforms like mobile websites and/or applications to their marketing mix.

In some industry sectors, a standard website that is well designed and kept up to date can deliver a good return on investment. If the interaction with your customers and suppliers is relatively infrequent and/or technical in its nature, a standard website probably gets the job done.

However, if your business is tied to serving existing customers and actively developing new ones, you should take a hard look at expanding your existing online marketing tools to include a robust mobile platform. This is especially true of businesses who serve the consumer product and service sectors. Restaurants, bars, realtors, retailers, doctors, lawyers, musicians, nonprofits, grocery and other consumer-focused businesses need to continually provide their customers with the electronic tools and business reasons to stay connected.

The first step is to evaluate whether it would be a good return on your investment to add a mobile platform for your business. Here are three good places to start:

Check Your Mobile Traffic

Google offers 3 helpful tools that can help you to assess how much mobile traffic is currently coming into your existing website.

1. Google Analytics

2. Google Webmaster Tools

3. Google Keyword Tool

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