Walmart Shoppers Go Mobile Inside Their 4000 Stores

Walmart expects 40 percent of its online traffic this holiday season to come from mobile, much of that from people shopping on their phones while they’re inside one of its 4,000 stores using the Walmart mobile app.

The latest version of the Walmart mobile app, includes something called “in-store mode,” which is available for the iPhone and coming soon for to Android phones. That’s the key feature aimed at keeping Walmart shoppers buying from Walmart, even when what they want isn’t in the store and a rival outlet is just a few taps away in the palm of their hands.

If you opt in, Walmart will use your location to provide you with an app designed specifically for that store. Head to another Walmart and your app will work for that store. It has useful features: You can make a list by speaking into the phone. You can search a product by typing in a word or phrase — tissues, say, or light bulbs — and the app will show you what aisle to go to. It has an interactive map. It shows you promotions specific to that store. And Walmart is testing a feature called “Scan & Go” that would you scan can items as you shop, so you can go quickly through self-checkout.

See the full story by Paul Sloan at Cnet News

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